Friday, January 28, 2011

~ Pain and Healing ~

1) Stomach-ache
- due to period pain ............................ (buscopan or Hyoscine N -
Hyoscine N - Butylbromide
Tablets -10mg )

- pain of IBS and abdominal pain ................ (same as above )

- excess gas (flatulence), wind,
indigestion and heartburn...................... (Activated Charcoal 250 mg)

- gastric ....................................... (Zenpro Omeprazole 20mg
- take before eating)

How to treat Gastric trouble and Acidity? :-

Acidity can be a result of defective digestion or stress. It is the accumulation of liquid inside the cavity. It is a common problem; it may be associated with overeating, constipation, menstruation, food allergy and certain diseases.

Sleeping after meals doubles gas and acidity that increases burning and sour sensation.
Drink hot water after meals for easy digestion, it is also good for weight reduction.
Include ginger, mint leaves and garlic in your daily food. These are good for easy gas and acidity.

Reduce daily intake of coffee and tea. Drink enough water every day to keep you healthy.
Avoid eating sweets after the meals and stop drinking water after eating sweets.
Include fruits in your morning meal. Fibers and natural supplements help to retain energy and overcome acidity related problems of the stomach.

Avoid factors that make stress. Do not forget that stress is a reason for many diseases and controlling stress is enough for curing many diseases.

Avoid spicy foods, vinegar, black tea, chocolate etc. these are a reason for gas and acidity.
Drinking coconut water daily is good for gas and acidity

Eat vanilla ice cream or drink a glass of cold milk to get immediate relief from gas and acidity.

Take one piece of clove(bunga cengkih) and chew it slowly. This is a good way to give you relief from acidity within minutes.

Take a piece of ginger and chew it with little bit salt. This is good for immediate relief from gas and acidity

Avoid raw vegetable salads like onion, cabbage and radish. These are acidity generating vegetables.

Place a piece of jaggery in the mouth and suck it slowly, till acidity settles.
Chewing basil leaves is good for acidity.

Like Constipation and Indigestion Gastric trouble is also a common problem of now a days. Men, Women, aged people and even children are among the sufferers of gastric trouble. It`s main symptoms are following:
* Distended abdomen (perut kembung)
* Sounds in abdomen (perut berbunyi)
* Tense stomach (perut tegang atau keras)
* Release of wind with sound from anal passage (kentut)
* Belching (sendawa)
* Flatulence (perut kembung)

Causes of Gastric Trouble:
The main cause of the disease is our faulty eating habits. Eating in hurry, eating at wrong time, talking during eating, excessive intake of water during eating and eating of more spicy food are the factors which increase the gastric trouble. Taking of more hot and more cold meal also help developing this condition. Tense and irritated mind is also a major cause of Gastric trouble.

Treatment of Gastric Trouble:

The best treatment of gastric trouble is to improve and control the eating habits. However, Nature Cure treatment if taken properly gives quick results. After cleansing the bowels with lemon water enema, Mud pack and Hip bath may be taken. The food substances responsible for wind formation may be avoided and light and Sattvic food may be adhered to. Full concentration over meal may be given during eating and food should be masticated properly. Weekly fast may be kept.

Do the execise below every morning with empty stomach ...

Tips to remember in healing gastric :

1) the use of Apple cider vinegar as an aid or digestive. Apple cider vinegar can be taken as a dilution in a glass of water. One teaspoon of apple cider vinegar in a glass of water, consumed once in two days is useful in calming the inflamed gastric tract.

2) Drinking a good amount of water every day can help in sealing the sphincter muscle tightly over the stomach and cut down the risk of the gastric acid from refluxing up the throat.

3) Boil a little clove and garlic and drink it.

4) Drinking a glass of water with a little bit of baking soda mixed in it will provide almost instant relief.

5) Coconut water is known to be extremely beneficial when it comes to treating gastritis as it provides the stomach with the required amount of rest along with a replenishment of essential nutrients and vitamins. The stomach can actually be returned to a normal condition simply by drinking nothing but coconut water for a period of twenty four hours.

6) Fasting for a period of two or three days will help the stomach to rest and allow the toxic conditions causing any inflammation to subside.

7) Avoid any intake of alcohol, meat, red pepper, sour foods, strong teas and coffee or even pastries and cakes for faster recovery.

Sunday, January 16, 2011

~ The Sour Sop Fruit (Durian Belanda, Durian Selat)

The Sour Sop Fruit (Durian Belanda, Durian Selat):
(good for cancer prevention )

The Sour Sop or the fruit from the graviola tree is a miraculous natural cancer cell killer 10,000 times stronger than Chemo.
Why are we not aware of this? It’s because some big corporation want to make back their money spent on years of research by trying to make a synthetic version of it for sale.

So, since you know it now you can help a friend in need by letting him know or just drink some sour sop juice yourself as prevention from time to time. The taste is not bad after all. It’s completely natural and definitely has no side effects. If you have the space, plant one in your garden. The other parts of the tree are also useful.

The next time you have a fruit juice, ask for a sour sop.

~ Tanda Tanda Sakit dan Kaitannya ~

Tanda Tanda Sakit dan Kaitannya :

Tanda-tanda sakit yang selalu kita rasakan berhubung kait dengan
fungsi badan yang lain. Bacalah untuk menilai sejauh mana kesihatan
diri anda :-

1. MATA (Bertindak balas dengan keadaan hati).

i) Mata menjadi merah : Hati mengandungi paras toksin yang tinggi.
Mata menjadi merah menandakan badan kita sedang dalam proses pembuangan toksin.
ii) Mata menjadi kabur : Sering berlaku pada waktu pagi. Menandakan
proses penyeimbangan hati sedang berlaku.
iii) Keluar tahi mata : Fungsi hati lemah, pembuangan toksin sedang
berlaku. Ini juga menunjukkan badan mengandungi asid berlebihan.
iv) Keluar air mata : Gangguan emosi yang bersangkut dengan hati atau
bebanan kerja
v) Ketegangan mata dan kelopak : Tekanan perasaan kerana tidak puas
hati atau bebanan yang berat.

Hidung mempunyai hubungan rapat dengan paru-paru dan kerongkong.
i) Selesema : Proses pembuangan toksin di bahagian kerongkong. Badan
mengandungi asid berlebihan (biasanya suhu badan meningkat).
ii) Hidung sumbat : Paru-paru mengandungi toksin yang berlebihan.
Proses menyeimbangkan masalah alahan hidung.
iii) Bersin
Proses membuang toksin di bahagian kerongkong.
b. Proses menyeimbangkan masalah alahan hidung.

3. Batuk
a. Batuk keluar kahak : Proses membuang toksin di bahagian kerongkong.
b. Batuk tanpa kahak : Paru-paru mengandungi toksin yang berlebihan.
Biasanya kahak pekat keluar selepas beberapa hari memakan RG.
c. Batuk dan berasa gatal di kerongkong : Proses membuang toksin di
bahagian kerongkong dan paru-paru, biasanya berlaku pada orang yang
banyak merokok atau terdedah kepada udara yang tercemar.

i) Kerongkong kering. Proses membuang toksin sedang berlaku
di seluruh badan. Ini adalah tanda bahawa badan kita memerlukan banyak
air untuk membuang toksin.
ii) Sakit kerongkong. Seperti di atas. Paras keracunan lebih serius.

5. BIBIR (Berkaitan dengan fungsi sistem penghadaman)
i) Bibir pucat
a. Sistem penghadaman yang lemah.
b. Perut mengandungi angin.
c. Kurang darah
yang disebabkan oleh sistem penghadaman yang kurang
sempurna dan mengakibatkan kekurangan zat besi. Sepatutnya
diperkuatkan fungsi penghadaman dahulu dengan RG sebelum memakan zat
ii) Bibir kering dan pecah. Perut mengandungi banyak bahan toksin.

6. MULUT DAN LIDAH : Berkaitan dengan fungsi jantung dan sistem
pengedaran darah.
i) Lidah atau gusi bengkak, sakit : Menunjukkan jantung mempunyai
masalah, seperti lemak yang berlebihan, injap menjadi lemah, saluran
koronari tersumbat dan lain-lain lagi.
ii) Lidah, tisu mulut atau gusi menjadi pecah-pecah (ulser).
Menandakan darah mengandungi asid berlebihan.
iii) Mulut berbau busuk . Proses penyeimbangan fungsi perut untuk
pembuangan toksin.

7. TELINGA: Berkaitan dengan buah pinggang.
i) Telinga terasa tersumbat : Buah pinggang mengandungi toksin berlebihan.
ii) Telinga berdengung : Sedang merawat buah pinggang yang
lemah.Biasanya tapak
kaki terasa sakit ketika bangun pagi dan sakit
itu hilang setelah berjalan-jalan.

8. KULIT Berpeluh :
a) Peluh masin : Badan mengandungi lebihan asid urik.
b) Peluh berbau : Badan menyingkirkan toksin melalui perpeluhan.

9. RUAM DAN BISUL : Badan menyingkirkan toksin yang berlemak dan
toksin yang tidak larut dalam air.

10. KULIT GATAL DENGAN RUAM : Proses menyingkirkan toksin melalui
kulit akibat terlalu banyak memakan ubat yang mengandungi bahan kimia.

11. KULIT PECAH DAN BERAIR : Proses pembuangan toksin yang larut dalam
air.Sapukan serbuk Ganoderma pada kulit berkenaan.

12. RAMBUT GUGUR : Menandakan fungsi buah pinggang yang lemah. Selepas
proses gugur, rambut akan tumbuh semula dengan lebih sihat dan subur.

a. Sakit Sendi
i) Rasa panas. Menunjukkan terdapat luka di bahagian sendi berkenaan
dan tanda- tanda penyakit pirai
ii) Tidak rasa panas Tanda-tanda sakit lenguh (rheumatism).
iii) Sakit di bahagian bahu. Menandakan saluran darah telah menjadi
keras dan fungsi metabolisme tidak seimbang.

b) KEBAS TANGAN : Pengaliran darah di bahagian atas badan tidak lancar.

c) KEBAS TANGAN KIRI DAN LENGAN : Tanda-tanda lemah atau sakit
jantung. Jika rasa kebas menjadi sakit di bahagian lengan dan kekal
di sana, ini menandakan serangan sakit jantung mungkin berlaku.

d) KEBAS KAKI : Pengaliran darah di bahagian bawah badan tidak lancar.

e) SAKIT TAPAK KAKI : Menandakan buah pinggang lemah. Biasanya
disebabkan oleh kekurangan senaman dan duduk terlalu lama.

f) SAKIT TUMIT KAKI : Menunjukkan kelemahan fungsi alat kelamin.

g) RASA PANAS DI TAPAK KAKI : Penyeimbangan fungsi buah pinggang
akibat lemah tenaga batin.

h) GATAL DI CELAH-CELAH JARI KAKI : Menunjukkan tanda awal
kaki busuk (Hong Kong Foot).


Secara amnya, segala tindak balas yang berlaku di bahagian kepala
mempunyai kaitan dengan sistem pengaliran darah, jantung dan saraf

Menandakan sakit tekanan jiwa (neurosis) akibat bebanan mental dan
banyak berfikir.

i) Bahagian atas . Menunjukkan penyakit tekanan darah tinggi.
ii) Bahagian bawah (tengkuk). Menunjukkan penyakit tekanan darah
tinggi atau tekanan darah.


Tanda pembuangan toksin sedang berlaku. Kadang-kadang dikaitkan
dengan penyakit migrain.

Tanda kurang darah atau pengaliran darah tidak lancar.


a. LOYA/MUNTAH . Tanda penyakit lelah. Pembuangan bahan toksik dari
bahagian perut.
i) Darah merah : Pembuangan tisu yang sudah rosak di bahagian kerongkong dan
ii) Darah hitam: Pembuangan tisu yang sudah rosak di bahagian perut;
misalnya penyakit ulser.

16. LIDAH RASA TEGANG DAN PENDEK : Tanda sakit jantung.

17. KELUAR AIR LIUR YANG PEKAT . Proses pembuangan toksin dari
kerongkong akibat jangkitan kuman

Menunjukkan buah pinggang mengandungi kotoran yang
b) AIR KENCING BERKAPUR Menunjukkan penyakit batu karang dalam buah
c) AIR KENCING BERMINYAK : Menunjukkan buah pinggang mengandungi
kotoran berlemak.
d) AIR KENCING PEKAT BERWARNA COKLAT : Menandakan proses pembuangan
toksin sedang berlaku.
e) AIR KENCING BERDARAH : Penyakit batu karang atau buah pinggang luka.


a) CIRIT-BIRIT/KERAP BUANG AIR BESAR : Membersihkan kotoran/keracunan
dari usus besar. Cirit-birit dengan serta merta selepas memakan RG,
menandakan penyakit barah di bahagian usus besar.
b) SEMBELIT: Membersihkan toksin dari usus kecil.
i) Darah merah : Masalah penyakit buasir atau barah di bahagian usus.
ii) Darah hitam: Masalah penyakit ulser perut.
d) NAJIS BERWARNA HITAM : Menunjukkan proses pembuangan toksin di
bahagian usus sedang berlaku.

a) RASA SAKIT : Secara amnya, segala kesakitan badan adalah disebabkan
saluran darah.
i) Sakit menyucuk : Proses menyeimbangkan urat saraf.
ii) Sakit sengal: Menandakan luka di dalam badan.
iii) Sakit menyentap: Proses menyeimbangkan urat saraf yang berkaitan
dengan organ-organ badan.
iv) Sakit menegang : Proses melancarkan pengaliran darah.
b) BADAN TERASA BERAT/ MALAS/ LENGUH . Badan mengandungi asid
berlebihan. Proses penyeimbangan
c) BADAN TERASA PANAS . Badan mengandungi asid yang berlebihan. Ini
menandakan badan memerlukan banyak air untuk menjalankan proses
pembuangan toksin.
Menandakan badan segar dan proses awet muda sedang berlaku.

Lemah fungsi buah pinggang. Tenaga batin lemah.

Fungsi hati lemah. Tekanan darah tinggi.

Sistem paru-paru yang lemah.

i) Sistem jantung yang lemah.
ii) Sistem saraf otak yang lemah.
iii) Masalah pengaliran darah.

Sistem penghadaman yang lemah.

Saturday, January 15, 2011

~ Vitamin E ~

8 Great Ways That Vitamin E Helps the Skin :

Vitamin E helps the skin by protecting it from the sun, retaining the natural moisture of the skin, aiding in the absorption of vitamin A, fighting and preventing acne, fighting skin aging, treating sunburns, reducing the appearance of scars, and preventing skin cancer.

Vitamin E is well-known for its many health benefits. But, aside from promoting overall health, vitamin E also has many positive effects on the skin. That is why many beauty treatments and skincare items are infused with vitamin E. Some of the rich natural sources of this essential vitamin are grains, nuts, dairy products and natural oils like argan oil products and sunflower oil. Here are some ways that vitamin E can help your skin:

1) Protects the skin from the sun

Vitamin E offers protection from the sun. In fact, sunscreen lotions use vitamin E as a primary ingredient. Sunscreen lotions with vitamin E seal the skin's epidermis layer, thereby protecting it from the damaging ultraviolet rays of the sun.

2) Retains the natural moisture of the skin

Vitamin E helps prevent skin dehydration and is effective in sealing in moisture in the skin. When skin is properly moisturized it looks radiant, youthful and healthy.

3) Aids in the absorption of vitamin A

Vitamin A is also essential for the body and can promote good eyesight and healthy skin. In fact, many skin treatments also have vitamin A as an ingredient. On the other hand, insufficient amounts of vitamin A can be harmful for the body, and vitamin E helps prevent the negative consequences of this deficiency by helping the body absorb and regulate vitamin A.

4) Fights and prevents acne

Vitamin E oil has profound effects on acne and blemishes. Some research has shown that vitamin E helps prevent acne and other skin breakouts. Additionally acne patients have claimed that acne lesions heal faster when vitamin E is applied topically on the skin.

5) Fights skin aging

Vitamin E is well-known to be a powerful antioxidant. It fights free radicals and detoxifies the body. Because of this, vitamin E is effective as an anti-aging treatment and helps fight the signs of skin aging such as wrinkles and fine lines. Taking vitamin E supplements of as little as 400 milligrams daily can have profound effects on your skin's texture and can decrease wrinkles and sun damage.

6) Treats sunburns

Vitamin E is calming and soothing for the skin. It is also popular for its anti-inflammatory properties. You can treat sunburns, darkened skin areas, dark spots and liver spots caused by sun exposure with vitamin E. Additionally, it is advisable to slather vitamin E oil onto the skin about 20 minutes before going out into the sun.

7) Reduces the appearnance of scars

Regularly using vitamin E oil will have positive effects on scars and stretch marks. Scars are caused by the formation of collagen on the skin and some experts explain that vitamin E helps decrease the strength of the collagen strands. Because of this, the scars become more pliable and easier to treat.

8) Prevents skin cancer

The potent antioxidant properties of vitamin E coupled with its sun protection properties make it effective for preventing skin cancer and severe skin damage.

Whether it's argan oil products or vitamin E supplements, it is a great idea to include vitamin E in one's diet, health and beauty routine.