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Sesiapa nak jemput ustaz sharhan shafie ceramah dan mengetahui lokasi rawatan ustaz sharhan shafie boleh wassap saya 0199199714 ...........NOR ASMADI MOHAMMAD NOR

Remedy for Swollen Legs..............


According to the Mayo Clinic, leg swelling caused by the retention of fluid in leg tissues is known as peripheral edema. It can be caused by a problem with the circulatory system, the lymphatic system or the kidneys. You may also experience swelling due to fluid buildup after sitting or standing for a long time.

Factors related to fluid buildup include:
  1. Acute kidney failure
  2. Cardiomyopathy (disease of heart tissue)
  3. Chronic kidney disease
  4. Cirrhosis (scarring of the liver)
  5. Deep vein thrombosis (DVT)
  6. Heart failure
  7. Hormone therapy
  8. Lymphedema (blockage in the lymph system)
  9. Nephrotic syndrome (damage to small filtering blood vessels in the kidneys)
  10. Pain relievers, such as ibuprofen or naproxen
  11. Pericarditis (swelling of the membrane surrounding the heart)
  12. Pregnancy
  13. Prescription medications, including some used for diabetes and high blood pressure
  14. Sitting for a long time, such as during airline flights
  15. Standing for a long time
  16. Thrombophlebitis (a blood clot that usually occurs in the leg)
  17. Venous insufficiency, chronic (leg veins with a problem returning blood to the heart)
To quickly relieve it, you should raise the legs up at about 30 cm height, while in a lying position.
On the other hand, parsley tea is one of the most effective natural remedies in the case of swollen legs, as it removes the excessive amounts of fluids from the body.

Parsley is a Natural Diuretic

Parsley is extremely beneficial for your health and wellbeing and now this was confirmed by numerous studies. One particular study, published in the Journal of Ethnopharmacology in 2002, claims that “parsley has the role of a natural diuretic.”


 How to Make Parsley Tea

  • Chop some fresh parsley leaves and roots finely.
  • Mix them well.
  • Fill a pot with 500ml of water, and bring it to boil.
  • Add 5 teaspoons of the mixture in the water and boil them for 5 minutes.
  • Leave the tea aside to cool down, for around 20 minutes.
  • Strain it, and consume it 3 times daily. Soon, you will notice the effects, and the swellings will disappear.

JAPANESE FACIAL MASSAGE ..........Tanaka Face Self Massage

Many people want to look younger or even want to stop the process of aging. For that reason the market is flooded with lots of anti-aging creams and moisturizers which are packed with harsh and cancer-causing chemicals.

There are people who try to defy aging without side effects, thus they try natural methods. One such method is the Tanaka Massage invented by a 65-year-old Japanese woman who is named Ykoko Tanaka. This treatment requires only two hands and coconut, olive, or almond oil if you want to moisturize the skin.

How does it work?

This works by facilitating proper lymph drainage. The motions work to contour the skin and eliminate droopiness, wrinkling, and sagging. It will only cost you 5 minutes of your time, thus you can easily fit it into your day. You can even do it in the office while you take a few minutes to de-stress.

Watch the video.

How to Detect Fake Honey (It’s Everywhere), Use THIS Simple Trick.................


How to Recognize Fake Honey:

  • If your honey does not “crystallize” over time, there is a good chance it may be adulterated, since the pure one will crystallize when kept in the fridge.
  • Always read the labels: Always read the label on the honey, and if it contains commercial glucose or high fructose corn syrup, avoid it.
  • Add a few iodine drops into a glass of water and add in some honey afterwards. If your honey turns a blue colour it has been combined with corn starch.
  • Add a couple of drops of vinegar into a mixture of water with honey. If you see foam, your honey has been adulterated with plaster.
  • Burn the honey with phosphorus or a match, and if it ignites, it is pure honey.
  • Place a spoon of honey into a glass of water. In case the honey does not dissolve, it is pure. Fake honey or poor-quality honey dissolves in water.



Boil Lemons And Drink The Liquid As Soon As You Wake Up… You Will Be SHOCKED By The Effects!
The way you start the day is exceptionally important for the way you live your life. Drinking warm water with lemon in the mornings is a popular trend. However, it doesn’t “squeeze” all the potential that a lemon has to offer.

When you drink warm water with lemon inside, you don’t use all the SUPER nutrients the pulp and the peel have. If you boil the whole lemon without squeezing only the juice, you’ll get all the nutrients the lemon has to offer inside that warm liquid mixture. In fact, the effects of this SUPER elixir fundamentally increase the powerful benefits of the lemon water!

Here is how to prepare this SUPER potion:

  • 6 Lemons;
  • 20 Oz. Of Water;
  • Honey;
  • Slice up 6 Lemons in half and add them to a 20 oz. of water in a pot;
  • Bring the water to a boil and let it boil for 3 minutes;
  • Leave the pot to cool down for 10 – 15 minutes;
  • Remove the lemons and the pulp from the water;
  • Sip the hot lemon water in a tea cup;
  • Add the rest of the warm lemon water in a glass bottle for later use;
NOTE: You can add honey to the tea cup for better taste!


  • Boosts your immune system.
  • Protects you from colds.
  • It gives you incredible boost of energy.
  • Aids in digestion and regulates your metabolism.
  • Cleanses you from various toxins.
  • Balances the pH Levels of your organism.
  • Clears your skin to look beautiful.
  • Freshens your breath.
  • Aids in weightloss.
  • Boosts your mood and happiness, prevents depression.
  • Hydrates your lymph system.
  • Promotes healing.
In other words, this cup of goodness helps you start the day hydrated, healthy, beautiful and happy, filled with positive energy to show the world who you really are! The recipe is very, very simple and with only 6 lemons you have 1 week of SUPER potion in your fridge.
Don’t worry, if the water is boiled once you don’t need to heat it every morning. It’s ok if you drink it cold as an ice tea. The nutrients are all inside. Just make sure it’s not too cold. If you prefer it warm, than it’s best if you put 1 dosage in a coffeepot and heat it a little bit.

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Early Warning Signs Your Blood Pressure Is DANGEROUSLY High .........


High blood pressure comes as condition when  blood flows through vessels and arteries with higher than normal pressure- known as hypertension, is a disease that is very common lately.

High blood pressure comes as condition when  blood flows through vessels and arteries with higher than normal pressure- known as hypertension, is a disease that is very common lately.

Scary thing is the fact that the body doesn’t show any signs or symptoms even though blood pressure is on a dangerously high level!

There are two different pressures:
  1. one, systolic -blood pressure when the heart beats while pumping blood, and
  2. diastolic, which is the pressure when the heart is at rest between beats.
Blood pressure ranges include:
  • Normal: Less than 120/80
  • Prehypertension: 120–139/80–89
  • Stage 1 high blood pressure: 140–159/90–99
  • Stage 2 high blood pressure: 160 and above/100 and above
Some warning signs are: 
...... chest pains, changes,
...... tiredness,
...... nose bleeds,
.......ear noise or buzzing,
....... confusion.

It is proven that total life expectancy of people with normal blood pressure is about 5 years longer than to those with hypertension. You should keep your blood pressure under control.
Complications of high blood pressure
Hypertension is the primary or contributing cause for deaths.
  • Chronic heart failure: Seven out of ten have chronic heart failure and high blood pressure.
  • Memory issues as: trouble to memorize or understanding concepts-it affects the ability to think, remeber and learn.
  • Eye problems: can result in vision loss – it causes thickened, narrowed and torn blood vessels in the eyes.
  • Aneyrism:  high blood pressure causes blood vessels to weaken and bludge and it is life-treatening.
  • First strokeseven out of 10 people of every ten have high blood pressure when they have their first heart attack.
  • Metabolic syndrome: 
– high triglyceride levels, high blood sugar, abdominal obesity,  high blood pressure or low HDL (good) cholesterol.
High Blood Pressure vs. Low Blood Pressure 
Risk of high blood pressure as well as low blood pressure normally increases with age.
High blood Pressure
there are some warnign signs such as:
  • Tiredness;Headaches;Chest pains; Confusion;Vision changes;Nosebleed;Ear noise or buzzing;Irregular heartbeat
Low Blood Pressure
How can you tell whether you have low, high or normal blood pressure?
  • Normal: Less then 120/80
  • Low blood pressyre or hypotension: Less than 90/60
  • Prehypotension: 120-139/80-90
  • Stage 1 high blood pressure: 140-159/90-99
  • Stage 2 high blood pressure: 160 and above/100 and above
Here are some warnings on low blood pressure:
  • As a result of plague build up in blood vessels the blood flow to heart muscle and brain declines with age.
  • When blood pressure drops suddenly then brain is deprived of an adequate blood supply. This is why low blood pressure is concerning and can lead to lightheadedness and dizziness.
  • 10% to 20% of people over age of 65 have postural hypotension (Postural hypotension or orthostatic hypotension is sudden drop of blood pressure – happens when people suddenly rise from a sitting position to standing. Now, on the other hand, neurally hypotension is a type of blood pressure and it comes when someone is standing for a long period of time.
  • Chronic low blood pressure with no symptoms is almost never serious.
Low blood pressure is only taken serious by the doctors if it cause noticeable signs and symptoms such as:
  • Fatique;Fainting (called syncop)
  • Nausea; Cold, clammy, pale skin
  • Depression; lack of concentration;Blurred visi
  • Dehydration and unusual thirst;
  •  Dizzines or lightheadedness
Low blood pressure can occur with:
  • Pregnancy
  • Diuretics and other drugs for hypertension, beta blockers, tricyclic antidepressants, Parkinson’s disease drugs, erectile dysfunction drugs in combination with nitroglycerin, narcotics and alcohol.
  • Decreases in blood volume;Prolonged bed rest
  • Severe infection (septic shock);Heart problems
  • Endocrine problems;Neurally mediated hypotension
  • Alergic reaction (analhylaxis)- anaphylatic shock – sometimes fatal allergic reaction -people who are highly sensitive certain foods such as peanuts, or drugs such as pelicillin or to bee or wasp stings. Symptoms are swolen throath, itching, hives breathing problems and a sudden dramatic fall in blood pressure.
  • Nutritional deficiences – anemia is caused by a lack of vitamin B12 and folic acid- it can lead to low blood pressure.
High Blood Pressure Symptoms Diet
Blood pressure needs serious attention. Here are some natural remedies one should use in diet.

Foods to Avoid
  • Sugar –  high sugar intake can be more concerning than salt intake when it comes to high blood pressure.
  • High sodium foods – Avoid high sodium processed and also canned foods.
  • Alcohol-  drinking alcoholin moderation since it narrowes arteries,also increase blood pressure.
  • Caffeine- consumption of too much caffeine increases blood pressure. For those who suffer from high blood pressure- reduce caffeine to get blood pressure do
  • Trans fats and omega 6-fats-  packaged foods and conventional meats and also increase inflammation thus blood pressure.

 Foods to Eat that Help Heal High Blood Pressure Symptoms...

  • High –fiber foods-  diet with foods high in fiber such as: beans, vegetables,seeds, and fruits
  • Tea- consume white tea few times a day-which thins blood and improves artery, thus actually lower blood pressure and protect the body form stroke. It only works that if taken several times a day, and every day.
  • Omega-3 rich foods use omega-3 foods – wild-caught salmon, flaxseeds and chia seeds, grass-fed beef.
  • High-potassium foods- Diet rich in potassium-important part of controling blood pressure- it lower anu negative effects of sodium on Potassium rich foods are coconut  bananas, avocados, coconut and melons.
  • Dark chocolateit is healthy and contain at least 200 milligrams of cocoa phenols, also can reduce blood pressure.
  • Mediterranean diet high in seafoods, vegetables, fruits and healthy omega 3 fat oils.
  • Apple cider vinegar-  naturally high in potassium, keep the body alkaline and it lowers blood pressure naturally.
Supplements for High Blood Pressure Symptoms
  1. Cocoa
Consuming cocoa increases your intake of flavonols- they will help you lower blood pressure and improves blood flow to brain and heart, e because as a natural vasodilator increases nitric oxide in blood and it widens blood vessels.
  1. Fish oil
According to many studies, the consumption of fish oil, rich in EPA and DHA forms of omega-3 fatty acids is reducing inflammation. Take 1,000 miligrams fish oil dose every day along with meals.
  1. Garlic
Another vasodilator that can’t get enough with diet, available in pills or as a  liquid. Patients with uncontrolled hypertension should use old garlic- it reduced peripheral and central blood pressure.
  1. Coenzyme Q10
Antioxidant for supporting heart health, of great importance if one is cholesterol-lowering or blood pressure medication. It is great natural remedy for high blood pressure -take about 200 to 300 miligrams of CoQ10 daily.
  1. Magnesium
Magnesium has an immediately impact and naturally lowers blood pressure since –it relax your blood vessels. Before going to bed take a 500 miligrams everyday.

Natural Remedies for High Blood Pressure Symptoms
  1. Essential oils
They can lower blood pressure and decreasing emotional stress. They are dilating arteries and act as antioxidants thus reduce oxidative stress. Use oils such as: sweet marjoram, neroli ylan ylang, frankincense, and lavender.
  1. Increase Physical Activity and Exercise
Healthy weight and lower blood pressure needs engage in some form of physical activity or one can exercise at least 20 minutes daily.

     3. Reduce Stress
reduced stress lowers high blood on its own. Don’t use tobacco, alcohol or excessive eating .Therefore practice daily relaxation techniques-deep breathing, meditation and healing prayer. These relievers will help you to relax and reduce your blood pressure.

High Blood Pressure Risk Factors & Root Causes
  • Not being physically active
People inactive tend to have higher heart rates-heart  must work harder with each contraction. Being overweight is a consequence lack of physical activity and exercise.
  • Race
African –  Americans develop high blood pressure at an  earlier age than it does in Caucasians, and stroke, kidney faliure and heart attack are more common among African- Americans.
  • Tobacco use
This immediately raises blood pressure- chemicals in tobacco damage the lining of artery walls, which causes your arteries to narrow.
  • Stress
High stress can lead to a temporary increase of blood pressure.
  • Too much alcohol
Heavy drinking more than 2 drinks a day may affect blood pressure negatively.
  • Age
As age increases high blood pressure increase .It is more common in men through age of 45 and with women after age of 65.
  • Pregnancy
Pregnancy also contributes to high blood pressure
  • Being overweight
The higher body weight more blood one need to supply oxygen and nutrients to your tissues, so it raises blood pressure.
  • Too little potassium in your diet
Mineral which helps balance sodium content of your body’s cells. Consume it often and enough; you can accumulate too much sodium in your blood stream.
  • Certain chronic conditions
Sleep apnea and kidney disease, also diabetes may increase risk of high blood pressure
  • Too much sodium in your diet
Sodium retain fluid, which increase blood pressure, thus with children is same as well. They experience high blood pressure at too young age due  to poor style of living.

Final Thoughts on High Blood Pressure Symptoms
  • Systolic blood pressure- heart beats while pumping blood.
  • Diastolic blood pressure- heart is at rest between beats.
  • Foods to avoid -alcohol, high-sodium foods, trans fats and omega-6 fats, sugar, and of course
  • foods to eat – Mediterranean diet foods, high-potassium foods, apple cider vinegar, tea and dark chocolate, high-fiber foods, omega-3 foods.
  • High blood pressure affects about 70 million U.S. adults, means one of every three American adults.
  • some warning signs for very high blood pressure Include: chest pains, ear noise or buzzing, confusion, headaches, irregular heartbeat, nosebleeds, tiredness, or vision changes.

Guna Pelembut Fabrik Untuk Wangikan Satu Rumah ............

DIY Jimat Guna Pelembut Fabrik Untuk Wangikan Satu Rumah Raya Ini!L

Anda hanya cuma menyediakan dua bahan utama ini iaitu.....
..... pelembut fabrik dari jenis kapsul, 
.....serbuk baking soda
..... botol penyembur

CARA NYA ..........
Sediakan bekas bancuhan.
Kemudian campurkan 1/4 cawan pelembut fabrik.
4 sudu besar baking soda dan 1 cawan air panas ke dalam bekas tersebut.
Setelah anda mencampurkan bahan-bahan itu tadi, kondisi larutan akan menjadi seperti di dalam gambar ini. Biarkan lebih kurang 30 minit untuk membenarkan bancuhan sebati.

Setelah itu tuangkan larutan yang telah sebati ke dalam bekas penyembur dengan menggunakan penapis.

Pewangi kediaman anda kini telah siap dibotolkan. Anda bolehlah menyembur pada ruang udara, fabrik seperti sofa, langsir, throw pillow dan sebagainya. Mengkagumkan kerana bau haruman yang dihasilkan sangat menyegarkan dan mampu menyerap bau yang kurang menyenangkan. Selamat mencuba!


6 Kerja Rumah Ini Membantu Anda Kurus! ................

6 Kerja Rumah Ini Membantu Anda Membakar 1000 kalori!

Orang tua-tua dulu selalu cakap nak cantik atau sihat boleh sahaja bermula dari rumah. Kenyataan tersebut memang benarnya. Artikel ini berjaya mendedahkan bahawa dengan membuat kerja rumah, anda boleh membakar hampir 1000 kalori dan sekali gus memberikan anda tubuh badan yang langsing dan sihat.
Di bawah berikut disenaraikan kerja - kerja rumah yang boleh membakar kalori anda;

1. Mop lantai
Mop lantai yang dimaksudkan bukan yang berdiri. Anda harus berada dalam posisi merangkak sepanjang proses mop/ mengelap lantai selama 30 minit secara berterusan. Ia terbukti dapat membakar 200 kalori. Pembakaran kalori seperti ini setara dengan latihan menari selama 45 minit dan sama dengan membakar kalori yang berasal dari satu keping pizza. Di dalam kedudukan ini, otot anda yang bekerja lebih kuat ketika berada di atas lantai ialah abs, lengan atas dan core.

1. Letakkan kain/ berus di atas lantai
2. Tolak kain/berus ke depan sehingga tangan anda benar-benar habis ditolak
3. Bawa semula berus ke belakang sebagaimana kedudukan tangan anda di awal permulaannya.

2. Mengelap cermin tingkap.
Latihan membakar kalori ini cukup tepat bagi mereka yang sukakan bahagian atas kelihatan hebat dan mantap. Lakukan proses ini selama 30 minit ia dapat membakar 200 kalori anda. Ketika proses ini dilakukan, otot utama yang akan bekerja kuat ialah bahu, triceps dan biceps. Teknik ini bersamaan dengan menunggang basikal selama 22 minit dan membakar 1/2 kalori dari coklat.

1. Ketika membersih, anda perlu menggerakkan span/kain dalam secara melingkar.
2. Setelah siap dicuci, bilas seperti biasa dengan memastikan pergerakan tangan anda digerakkan ke atas dan ke bawah.

3. Menggali tanah
Menggali tanah merupakan aktiviti yang paling berat jika dibandingkan dengan kegiatan kerja rumah yang lain. Oleh sebab itu ia mampu membakar sebanyak 315 kalori dalam masa 30 minit dan jumlah itu setara kadarnya dengan bermain bola sepak. Dalam tugasan ini, tubuh bahagian atas, bawah punggung dan peha bekerja paling kuat.
1. Benamkan penyodok di dalam tanah mengikut kedalaman yang anda mahu
2. Tolak ke dalam dan ambil seberapa tanah yang boleh kemudian tanah tersebut diletakkan di tepi.
3. Lakukan sehingga anda berjaya membuat lubang mengikut kedalaman yang diingini.

4. Memotong rumput menggunakan mesin
Meskipun menggunakan mesin rumput, anda jangan terkejut sebab sebenarnya masih ada kalori yang dapat disingkirkan iaitu sebanyak 185 kalori. Ia bersamaan dengan bermain badminton selama 25 minit! Tugasan ini baik sekali untuk sistem kardiovaskular.

Pastikan anda dalam posisi menegak. Mesin rumput dibawa secara ke depan dan ke belakang.

5. Memasang karpet baru
Tidak dinafikan membentangkan karpet nampak seperti kerja mudah, tetapi tidak kerana bergantung kepada saiz karpet itu juga. Dan kerana itu, sebenarnya anda boleh membakar sebanyak 180 kalori. Pergerakan yang harus dilakukan ialah ketika anda ingin menanggalkan karpet sedia ada,  duduk dengan posisi di atas lutut dan tarik karpet ke belakang dengan cara merangkak. Bila dilakukan selama 30 minit ia ibarat anda telah menyingkirkan kalori yang terkandung di dalam sebotol minuman coca cola dan bersamaan dengan bermain golf selama 35 minit.

6. Mengecat dinding
Mengecat dinding selama 30 minit bersamaan dengan aktiviti berjalan cepat selama 35 minit dan ia dapat membakar 210 kalori.  


Segarkan Kediaman Dengan Pewangi Aromaterapi ................

3 Tip Segarkan Kediaman Dengan Pewangi AromaterapiL

Sempena Hari Raya ini,  letakkan pewangi aromaterapi  di mana-mana sudut agar suasana di dalam kediaman menjadi lebih tenang dan segar. Berikut lokasi paling ideal untuk anda meletakkan aromaterapi;

1) Ruang Tamu
Ruang tamu merupakan tempat tetamu datang beraya. Oleh itu ruang ini seharusnya memberikan aura yang mesra, agar orang yang berkunjung ke rumah anda berasa nyaman dan disambut dengan baik. Bagi menciptakan mood  sebegini, pilih aromaterapi yang mengandungi cedarwood, citrus atau rosemary.

2) Ruang Keluarga
Selain ruang keluarga, suadara mara terdekat yang bertandang ke rumah anda pasti akan turut sama ke ruang keluarga, bermesra dan bergembira. Saat inilah banyak cerita-cerita ingin dikongsi bersama. Bagi membangkitkan lagi suasana yang ceria, gunakan aromaterapi daripada buah anggur, Geranium dan Rosemary.

3) Ruang Dapur & Makan
Satu lagi tempat yang menjadi kemestian tetamu datang ke rumah anda untuk beraya, sudah tentulah ruang makan atau dapur. Biasanya ruang ini akan mempunyai pelbagai bau dari aroma masakan, asap dari dapur dan sebagainya. Jadi, ruang ini perlu diletakkan aromaterapi agar bau-bau yang kurang enak hilang. Untuk ruang ini, pilih aromaterapi yang berfungsi meresap dan menghilangkan bau seperti Spearmint dan Maychang.


THANN Oriental Essence
THANN menyediakan koleksi aroma terapi terbaru iaitu Oriental Essence yang mengandungi pati minyak Limau Purut dan Serai yang sangat sesuai untuk menjana haruman sempurna dalam kediaman. Terdiri daripada rangkaian THANN Oriental Essence Pure Essential Oil 10ml yang dapat memberikan suasana tenang damai, THANN Oriental Essence Aroma Diffuser 250ml pula didatangkan dalam bekas elegan memberikan sentuhan aroma mewah yang mampu meningkatkan kesejahteraan emosi, untuk suasana hening di malam hari, THANN Oriental Essence Aromatherapy Candle 190g sangat sesuai kerana tidak mengeluarkan sebarang asap dan diperbuat tanpa sebarang pewangi tiruan.

Koleksi THANN Oriental Essence ini diilhamkan oleh alam semula jadi dan tumbuh-tumbuhan, dihasilkan khusus untuk memenuhi gaya hidup di bandar

 Untuk maklumat lanjut, layari atau .

Bagaimana Karat & Kotoran Degil Pada Kuali Lama Boleh Hilang? ...............

 Bagaimana Karat & Kotoran Degil Pada Kuali Lama Boleh Hilang?
garam kasar
minyak (minyak sayur/ minyak zaitun

1) Mulakan dengan membilas kuali/periuk anda dengan menggunakan air. Kemudian keringkan dengan menggunakan tisu.

2) Taburkan serbuk garam kasar ke dalam periuk/ kuali. (Penggunaan jumlah garam bergantung kepada kekotoran dan karat kuali/periuk itu)

3) Ambil kentang dan potong dua. Gunakan bahagian tengah kentang dan bersama garam yang ada skrub kan kuali/ periuk tersebut.

4) Skrub sebaik mungkin pada bahagian yang kotor dan karat sama ada di luar mahupun dalam periuk/kuali. Jika garam anda semakin kelihatan kotor, bilas dengan air dan keringkan dengan kertas tisu. Ulangi langkah menaburkan garam ke dalam periuk/kuali itu.

5) Setelah periuk/kuali bersih sepenuhnya. Basuh sekali lagi dan keringkan dengan kain lap. Letakkan ia di atas hob dapur dan nyalakan api kecil. Biarkan kuali/periuk selama 2 minit untuk menyejat air basuhan tersisa.

6) Matikan api.  Setelah itu, tuangkan sedikit minyak di dalam periuk/kuali. Gosok dengan menggunakan kertas tisu ke seluruh bahagian objek tersebut.

7) Ulangi proses menggosok minyak rata-rata ke bahagian badan dan dalam periuk/kuali. Setelah itu lap lebihan minyak yang ada dengan kertas tisu.

8) Tempatkan kuali/periuk di atas hob dapur selama 30 minit untuk membenarkan minyak benar-benar 'terendam'. selepas setengah jam, lap lebihan minyak yang ada. Siap!

Menghilangkan Celah Lantai Jubin Yang Kehitaman Tanpa Perlu Diberus! ..............

2 Teknik Ini Dapat Menghilangkan Celah Lantai Jubin Yang Kehitaman Tanpa Perlu Diberus!l
ADA 2 KAEDAH ..........

1) Kaedah pertama

7 cawan air
1/4 cawan cuka
1/3 cawan jus lemon
1/2 cawan baking soda

Anda hanya perlu mencampurkan bahan-bahan tersebut dan terus disapu pada celah-celah lantai yang berdaki. Anda boleh sahaja biarkan semalaman dan bilas terus. Tetapi jika anda inginkan result yang cepat, biarkan sebatian lebih kurang 20 minit kemudian gunakan berus gigi lama untuk menggosok perlahan-lahan dicelah-celah lantai jubin itu.
Menariknya dengan teknik ini, biarpun anda menyental dengan berus gigi, anda tak perlu menyental bersungguh-sungguh kerana kotoran tersebut akan mudah terhakis.

Selepas... memang putih bersih!

Perbezaan ketara yang boleh anda lihat. Satu yang masih belum disapu dengan sebatian dan sebelah kawasan lagi sudah siap dicuci. Berkesankan?

2) Kaedah kedua

Cecair peluntur
baking soda

Bancuhkan kedua-dua bahan tersebut di dalam mangkuk. Celupkan kapas ke dalam sebatian itu. Susun kapas pada celah-celah lantai jubin yang berdaki. Biarkan semalaman dan bilas.

Hasil celah lantai yang telah dibiarkan semalaman dan dibilas. Hilang kesan daki yang kehitaman tu kan...

Cara Bersihkan Celah Tingkap Tanpa Perlu Skrub Dan Berus!..................

Bersihkan Celah Tingkap Tanpa Perlu Skrub Dan Berus!l

Bahan-bahan yang diperlukan;
Cuka putih
Baking soda
Cotton buds
Air panas
Kain lap
Plastik sampah

Langkah-langkahnya ialah;
1) Taburkan serbuk baking soda di bahagian celah tingkap
2) Tuangkan juga separuh cawan cuka ke ruang yang sama
3) Kita akan mendapati apabila dua bahan ini bercampur, ia akan menghasilkan buih-buih dan melonggarkan zarah-zarah kotoran di atas permukaan tersebut.

4) Setelah anda mendapati buih-buih itu mula berkurangan, ambil cotton buds dan sental pada bahagian kotoran tersebut. Anda mungkin memerlukan jumlah cotton buds yang banyak untuk melakukan proses ini. Cotton buds digunakan kerana saiznya yang kecil dan memudahkan anda untuk menyental celah-celah tingkap yang sukar dicapai dengan menggunakan berus dan kain.

5) Setelah anda habis menyental kotoran degil itu, tuangkan air panas di celah tingkap

6) Ambil kain tisu atau kain lap dan keringkan bahagian tersebut.

7) Jika bahagian celah tingkap anda masih kotor, ulangi langkah tersebut sehingga berpuas hati. Dah siap!!!