Friday, January 28, 2011

~ Pain and Healing ~

1) Stomach-ache
- due to period pain ............................ (buscopan or Hyoscine N -
Hyoscine N - Butylbromide
Tablets -10mg )

- pain of IBS and abdominal pain ................ (same as above )

- excess gas (flatulence), wind,
indigestion and heartburn...................... (Activated Charcoal 250 mg)

- gastric ....................................... (Zenpro Omeprazole 20mg
- take before eating)

How to treat Gastric trouble and Acidity? :-

Acidity can be a result of defective digestion or stress. It is the accumulation of liquid inside the cavity. It is a common problem; it may be associated with overeating, constipation, menstruation, food allergy and certain diseases.

Sleeping after meals doubles gas and acidity that increases burning and sour sensation.
Drink hot water after meals for easy digestion, it is also good for weight reduction.
Include ginger, mint leaves and garlic in your daily food. These are good for easy gas and acidity.

Reduce daily intake of coffee and tea. Drink enough water every day to keep you healthy.
Avoid eating sweets after the meals and stop drinking water after eating sweets.
Include fruits in your morning meal. Fibers and natural supplements help to retain energy and overcome acidity related problems of the stomach.

Avoid factors that make stress. Do not forget that stress is a reason for many diseases and controlling stress is enough for curing many diseases.

Avoid spicy foods, vinegar, black tea, chocolate etc. these are a reason for gas and acidity.
Drinking coconut water daily is good for gas and acidity

Eat vanilla ice cream or drink a glass of cold milk to get immediate relief from gas and acidity.

Take one piece of clove(bunga cengkih) and chew it slowly. This is a good way to give you relief from acidity within minutes.

Take a piece of ginger and chew it with little bit salt. This is good for immediate relief from gas and acidity

Avoid raw vegetable salads like onion, cabbage and radish. These are acidity generating vegetables.

Place a piece of jaggery in the mouth and suck it slowly, till acidity settles.
Chewing basil leaves is good for acidity.

Like Constipation and Indigestion Gastric trouble is also a common problem of now a days. Men, Women, aged people and even children are among the sufferers of gastric trouble. It`s main symptoms are following:
* Distended abdomen (perut kembung)
* Sounds in abdomen (perut berbunyi)
* Tense stomach (perut tegang atau keras)
* Release of wind with sound from anal passage (kentut)
* Belching (sendawa)
* Flatulence (perut kembung)

Causes of Gastric Trouble:
The main cause of the disease is our faulty eating habits. Eating in hurry, eating at wrong time, talking during eating, excessive intake of water during eating and eating of more spicy food are the factors which increase the gastric trouble. Taking of more hot and more cold meal also help developing this condition. Tense and irritated mind is also a major cause of Gastric trouble.

Treatment of Gastric Trouble:

The best treatment of gastric trouble is to improve and control the eating habits. However, Nature Cure treatment if taken properly gives quick results. After cleansing the bowels with lemon water enema, Mud pack and Hip bath may be taken. The food substances responsible for wind formation may be avoided and light and Sattvic food may be adhered to. Full concentration over meal may be given during eating and food should be masticated properly. Weekly fast may be kept.

Do the execise below every morning with empty stomach ...

Tips to remember in healing gastric :

1) the use of Apple cider vinegar as an aid or digestive. Apple cider vinegar can be taken as a dilution in a glass of water. One teaspoon of apple cider vinegar in a glass of water, consumed once in two days is useful in calming the inflamed gastric tract.

2) Drinking a good amount of water every day can help in sealing the sphincter muscle tightly over the stomach and cut down the risk of the gastric acid from refluxing up the throat.

3) Boil a little clove and garlic and drink it.

4) Drinking a glass of water with a little bit of baking soda mixed in it will provide almost instant relief.

5) Coconut water is known to be extremely beneficial when it comes to treating gastritis as it provides the stomach with the required amount of rest along with a replenishment of essential nutrients and vitamins. The stomach can actually be returned to a normal condition simply by drinking nothing but coconut water for a period of twenty four hours.

6) Fasting for a period of two or three days will help the stomach to rest and allow the toxic conditions causing any inflammation to subside.

7) Avoid any intake of alcohol, meat, red pepper, sour foods, strong teas and coffee or even pastries and cakes for faster recovery.

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