Thursday, October 14, 2010

~ Benefits Of Brown Rice ~

Benefits Of Brown Rice ;......

It is also recommended as a food which can help slow down the aging process and help you lose weight.

Eating white rice will not give you the nutrition your body needs, it is lacking in many vitamins and minerals such as; vitamin E, B, B3 B6, potassium, magnesium, iron, thiamin and niacin.

There is a great difference between brown and white rice, although they do come from the same plant the difference is in the hulling of the grain.

Brown only has the hull removed (the outer most layer) leaving a lot of the goodness.

White rice on the other hand is the starchy middle section of the grain, this contains far less nutritional value. Most of the phosphorus, iron, manganese, all dietary fiber and many other vitamins are removed.

Brown rice calories can vary, I have found basmati brown rice has the least calories, yet there is no fear of putting on weight eating brown rice.

Your body needs fiber and by doubling your fiber intake you can definitely lose weight, besides rice some other fiber foods are apples, strawberries and chick peas.

Cooking Brown Rice :

It is usually best to first soak the rice for around 25 to 30 min before cooking. This will help soften the bran layer on the rice.

1 cup of rice to 2 cups of water.

Nutritional Benefits of Brown Rice :

* vitamin B
* vitamin B6
* vitamin K
* iron
* manganese
* calcium
* phosphorus
* potassium
* protein
* selenium

Brown rice also contains the mineral silica, which is why brown rice is the perfect anti aging food. Silica deletes as we age so unless you are taking a silica supplement you will need to get it from what you eat and brown rice is a perfect food.

Health Benefits of Brown Rice :

* helps aid digestion
* relieve constipation
* cure diarrhea
* good body building food
* promote strong hair, teeth and nails
* control cholesterol
* beneficial for stomach and intestinal ulcers
* help control blood sugar
* help reduce risk of colon cancer

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