Thursday, October 14, 2010

~ Mangosteen Juice For Health Benefits ~

Mangosteen Juice For Health Benefits : ..........

Drink mangosteen juice for its health benefits and reap the rewards….. It is a fabulous antioxidant drink being hailed as a miracle for turning back the clock and, helping you look younger.

Antioxidants are every woman’s and mans best friend, they are important for fighting aging and the best part about mangosteen is a life enhancing, powerful substance called xanthone which is found in this particular fruit.

mangosteen fruit benefits ;

There has been much study on xanthones found in the mangosteen and have been found to provide outstanding nutritional health support.

The juice comes from the mangosteen fruit often referred to as the ‘Queen of Fruits’ and, grows on trees in Malaysia, Indonesia, Southern India, China, Thailand, Taiwan and Philippines. Attempts to grow this particular tree in the Western world has until now been unsuccessful.

The fruit from these trees is very delicate and does not do well with shipping; you have to be very careful if you are buying the fruit, 9 times out of 10 you will be lucky if you get a fresh one. If the leaves at the top of the mangosteen are brown and crispy don’t buy it, it is too old and not worth eating.

Mangosteen juice is easier to get your hands on, and you will gain the full health benefits offered, your body can easily absorb the vitamins and minerals in a juice.

The juice is made by pulping the whole fruit, which means not only the fruit inside, also the rind or hull as well. This is very important, because many of the health benefits are in the skin.

Health Benefits of Mangosteen ;

* Help fight and prevent depression.
* Increased energy.
* Good for helping to lose weight.
* Fight free radicals.
* Improve your stomach condition.
* Get rid of bad breath.
* Fight and prevent diabetes.
* Improve your complexion.
* Lower cholesterol (LDL bad cholesterol)
* Prevent kidney stones.
* Reduce effects of aging.
* Improve digestion.
* Lower blood pressure.
* Help relieve PMS.
* Anti Inflammatory.
* Help asthma sufferers.
* Can help with depression.

If you are suffering from cancer or other such illness and receiving chemotherapy, first seek medical advice before taking alternative remedies such as mangosteen juice.

Mangosteen juice for health benefits is good for helping maintain a healthy body and many people seem to be very happy with the results. I once met a woman who claimed the juice helped her lose weight and she never felt better, she drank it every day.

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